How To Change Temperature On The Breville Barista Express

Sometimes you need to change the temperature of your Breville Barista Express coffee maker to get the most out of it. Changing the temperature can improve the taste of your coffee.

So in this article, we’ll guide you on how to change the temperature of your machine and also share some more details on obtaining the ideal temperature for your espresso.

How to Adjust the Temperature on a Breville Barista Express

First, you need to turn your coffee maker off to change the temperature. Now press and hold the program button and also press the power button once at the same time. If you hear a beep, it means you are all set to change the temperature.

You can finally adjust the temperature by pushing the two-cup button to raise it by 4 degrees and increase the temperature of the one-cup by 2 degrees. Now for the filter size button, reduce the temperature by 2 degrees by pressing the filter size button and hitting the power button, To lower it by 4 degrees.

Simply hit the program button once to reset the temperature to the default setting.

press and hold program button and press the power button onceprogram Mode
Program Button Reset to standard settings
One cup button + 2 degrees
Two cup button+ 4 degrees
Power Button – 4 degrees
Filter size button– 2 degrees

The Espresso Is Still Not Hot Enough

If, after adjusting the temperature of your Breville Barista Express by 4 degrees, it’s still not hot enough, then there may be some other reasons for it. So the very first thing that you can check is:

Make Sure You Don’t Have A Broken Breville Barista Express

According to the default factory setting, the internal temperature of your machine is around 195 to 200 degrees, and the coffee temperature should be approximately 185°F.

If you have reset the temperature of your machine from the factory setting and the temperature of your coffee is not 185°F, it means your machine is broken.

The first thing that you can do after knowing that your machine is broken is to call Breville customer service.

Preheat Your Breville Barista Express

When you turn on your Breville Barista Express, you should wait for a minute or two before brewing the coffee. When you’re finished, your espresso should be roughly 180° in the cup.

We have not used the machine for 20 minutes after it starts, which also allows some water to flow through the machine to heat up the portafilter and all of its components before brewing an espresso.

After doing this, the coffee was around 190 degrees in the cup. So if you also try this method, it might work for you. But still, you need to wait a little to enjoy your coffee.

Preheat Your Cup

If the goal is to get warm coffee, then one more hack is to preheat your cup before brewing coffee in it. This will help you get more warm coffee than before. 

To make the cup preheat, you should let the water pass through the machine to heat it, and while this process is going on, put your cup under the machine, and it will preheat it, but remember to throw the water out before brewing an espresso. 

What Is The Perfect Temperature To Use For An Espresso Shot?

It totally depends on you, which taste you like, and what the best temperature is for the taste you prefer.  

The ratio of water and coffee has a direct impact on the flavour of espresso. as in your Barista Express water pressure. The temperature also has an impact on the taste.

As a general rule of thumb, the hotter the water, the more flavor it extracts from the coffee.

The majority would prefer an espresso that is a little hotter since it will be slightly stronger. However, it is possible that the espresso will be too strong and bitter for your taste.

A large amount of it also depends on the type of coffee bean you use. If you’re using dark roast coffee beans, the temperature should be between 185 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

We should use 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for medium-roast coffee beans. We should go up to 195 to 205 degrees for lighter espresso roasts.

Of course, these are merely estimates. You can only find out by experimenting with different temperatures on your Breville Barista Express.

Final Words

Sometimes Changing the temperature of your Breville Barista Express can be best for taste. You can also set it to your preference because temperature is as important as pressure. I hope this article helps you to set the temperature of your machine.

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