Breville Clean Descale Light Stays On (Know How To Fix It)

When your Breville Espresso machine needs maintenance or needs to be cleaned, then a light named “Clean Me” gets on. Although sometimes, after the cleaning cycle, the light won’t turn off; it keeps flashing. There could be some possible reasons for this problem. 

So in this article, we will tell you how to turn off the clean me lights and make your machine work again.

How Do I Turn Off The Clean Me Light?

People only complete the cleaning cycle and think it’s over, but it’s still not done. You have to do a descaling process in order to turn the clean me light off.

To start the descaling process, you simply need to mix the descaling solution in the water tank as instructed on the bottle. Now off the machine, hold down the single-shot and power buttons for 5 seconds or until the lights begin to flicker.

Now Hold the one-cup button for 25 seconds before turning on the hot water for 10 seconds and the steamer for 15 seconds. Repeat this method until the water tank is empty.

In the newer Breville Barista Express, you have to do both the cleaning and descaling processes in order to turn the “clean me” lights off. 

Cleaning Cycle On The Breville Espresso Machine

Remove the portafilter from the machine, then place the one-cup basket and cleaning disc inside. Place a cleaning tablet in the centre of the portafilter. After this, the portafilter should be reinstalled.

Instead of using branded Breville cleaning tablets, you can also use generic cleaning tablets, which do the same function as the branded ones. These third-party cleaning tablets are the best and work perfectly, just like branded Breville cleaning tablets. 

Under the portafilter, place in a huge container. Then, for 10 seconds, press and hold the one-cup, two-cup, and power buttons until the cleaning cycle begins.

After finishing the process, the clean me light will still be on. In order to turn it off, you need to do a descaling process. 

Descaling Cycle On The Breville Espresso Machine

It is very important to know that you should not use white vinegar to descale your Breville espresso machine, this could damage the machine.

Take the descaling solution, and follow all the instructions written on the bottle to mix it in the water tank. You should use the solution with an equal amount of water, which makes it a one-to-one ratio.

Then turn your machine off, and hold down the two-cup and power buttons for 5 seconds. If some lights start to blink, it means your machine is in descale mode.

So now that you are in descale mode, you need to press and hold the one-cup button for 25 to 30 seconds to allow water to pass through the portafilter.

Now turn on the hot water for 10 seconds, and lastly, turn on the steamer for 15 seconds. Continue the cycle until the water tank is completely drained. You may turn it off after the tank is empty.

After the descaling process, when you turn on your machine, the clean me lights should be off. 

The “Clean Me” Light Is Still On

After performing these two cycles, the clean me light didn’t turn off. This can be a little frustrating but you can solve it by unplugging your machine and waiting for a few minutes before you plug it back in. This can solve your problem.

If this solution also doesn’t work for you, then the best thing you can do is do both processes again. Because during the process, you might have made any mistake that disrupted the cycle, and as a result, the lights stay on even after descaling the machine. 

You don’t need to use the cleaning tablets or descaling solution this time because you’ve previously done so.

After doing both processes again, the clean me light should go off. If even after this the light does not go off, then you should contact Breville customer support

 If your equipment is still under warranty, they may be able to repair it.

 Final Words

After cleaning your machine, you might think to enjoy a cup of coffee, but you wouldn’t do that because your machine’s clean me lights are still on. So in that case, what you have to do is do both the cleaning and descaling processes one after another. This will definitely solve your problem and follow all the processes carefully mentioned in the article.

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