Breville Grinder Is Jammed (Know How To Fix It)

If you regularly clean the grinder of your Breville machine, then you must be aware of the top burr on the grinder. But sometimes it happens that the top burr gets stuck while cleaning. The grinder typically still works, although you can’t pull it loose.

In this article, we will show you how to address the problem of Breville grinder is jammed

How Do You Fix A Jammed Breville Grinder?

The grinder gets jammed due to the coffee beans being entangled between the inner and outer burrs, as shown in the image below. This stops the outside burr from shifting when you try to unlock it.

Fortunately, this is a simple repair.

  1. Remove the bean hopper and drain it, then re-lock it; otherwise, the light will continue to flash.
  2.  Turn on the grinder for around 15 seconds after placing your portafilter beneath the coffee dispenser. This will help the grinder crush out all the stuck coffee beans in it.
  3. Now the grinder will be free, and it will be easy to remove the outer burr.

If this fails to work straight away, do the exact same process with the coarsest grind setting.

Breville Grind Size Control Disc Stuck

When the outer control disc becomes stuck, it is most likely because beans are preventing it within the machine. You need to clean the coffee grinder in order to unlock the grind size setting.

How To Clean The Coffee Grinder

Cleaning the coffee grinder will not only unstick the control disc, but cleaning the grinder on a regular basis ensures that it always works correctly. Cleaning it frequently can prevent it from breaking as well as make it last a bit longer. This is particularly true if you’re using flavored or wet coffee beans.

Unplug And Remove The Container

First, unplug your machine and take out the coffee container from the grinder. Then, from the container, remove the cap, and to remove the bean reservoir, turn the little handle to the left.

Vacuum Coffee Beans Out

You can look inside the grinder after removing the container. There are possibly some coffee beans remaining in it. You can remove them by vacuuming.

Then, using the metal pin, spin it anticlockwise to remove the top half of the grinder. Now, with the help of a brush, clean it.

Remove Hexagon Bold

A hexagonal socket head is seen beneath that part. It may seem counterintuitive, but turning this socket to the right will loosen it. Then the bolt will be out, and it has some washers on it. Make a note of the sequence in which it was placed. Then remove another grinding component and clean it with a brush.

After cleaning, when you place the hexagon socket back, remember that you do not overtighten it. When the grinder starts rotating, if you can’t screw it much tighter, give it a nice whack, and it will likely be fine.

The machine then has a lot of ground coffee in it again. You may also use the vacuum to get rid of it. 

Remove The Wheel

There will then be a wheel down there. You can get rid of them by using pliers. You don’t need to unscrew it, it will simply come out when you pull it. With the help of a brush, you can also clean this part. 

Remove The Cloth Ring

There is a little fabric ring located at the bottom. Take out the fabric ring. There is now nothing on the bottom but more coffee grounds. This, too, can be sucked up with a vacuum.

You will find a hole in the bottom through which the ground coffee passes to the portafilter. Coffee can become trapped down there. Make sure you use something like a toothpick to unjam this hole.

Reassemble the grinder in reverse order, and it should be ready to use again.

Final Words

Although it’s a common issue, you can prevent the grinder from getting stuck by cleaning it regularly. or if it’s already stocked, then you can fix it by following all the methods we have provided above in this article.

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