Breville Single And Double Filter Size Lights Are Flashing

You want to have a cup of espresso or cappuccino, but when you turn on your machine, the filter size lights are flashing, and it’s not working properly. Although it’s not a very big issue, you can solve this problem just by reading our article and following all the solutions we have mentioned in the article.

How Do I Fix Filter Size Buttons Flashing?

The filter size buttons that flash on your machine are a safety measure that protects the coffee from brewing if the hopper and top burr are not completely locked. This occurs if you’ve not properly locked it in place. when coffee beans obstruct it or when the contact pressure switch is not activated.

Lock the Coffee Grinder Properly

First, you need to check if the top burr grinder and hopper are completely locked or not. If it’s not fully locked, try to lock it with a slight force, don’t apply too much force or you’ll break anything. If it’s not locking with a slight force, then the coffee might have been trapped in the grinder or hopper.

Always remember, if the coffee grinder is not in use, you must still lock the hopper and coffee grinder of your machine.

Fix the Contact Pressure Switch

Check that the hopper pins are contacting the contact pressure switch at the time you lock it in. The contact pressure switch can occasionally come loose from its locating pins. When this occurs, the hopper pins simply pass over it without contacting it. As a result, Barista Express assumes the hopper is not locked in.

Clean Coffee Grinder

Sometimes the coffee gets stuck in the grinder, which causes it to not completely lock-in. You can clean the coffee grinder once after using it to stop this issue. Cleaning it frequently can prevent it from breaking as well as make it last a bit longer.

Unplug And Remove The Container

First, unplug your machine and take out the coffee container from the grinder. Then, from the container, remove the cap, and to remove the bean reservoir, turn the little handle to the left.

Vacuum Coffee Beans Out

You can look inside the grinder after removing the container. There are possibly some coffee beans remaining in it. You can remove them by vacuuming.

Then, using the metal pin, spin it anticlockwise to remove the top half of the grinder. Now, with the help of a brush, clean it.

Remove Hexagon Bold

A hexagonal socket head is seen beneath that part. It may seem counterintuitive, but turning this socket to the right will loosen it. Then the bolt will be out, and it has some washers on it. Make a note of the sequence in which it was placed. Then remove another grinding component and clean it with a brush.

After cleaning, when you place the hexagon socket back, remember that you do not overtighten it. When the grinder starts rotating, if you can’t screw it much tighter, give it a nice whack, and it will likely be fine.

The machine then has a lot of ground coffee in it again. You may also use the vacuum to get rid of it. 

Remove The Wheel

There will then be a wheel down there. You can get rid of them by using pliers. You don’t need to unscrew it, it will simply come out when you pull it. With the help of a brush, you can also clean this part. 

Remove The Cloth Ring

There is a little fabric ring located at the bottom. Take out the fabric ring. There is now nothing on the bottom but more coffee grounds. This, too, can be sucked up with a vacuum.

You will find a hole in the bottom through which the ground coffee passes to the portafilter. Coffee can become trapped down there. Make sure you use something like a toothpick to unjam this hole.

Reassemble the grinder in reverse order and it should be ready to use again.

Final Words

If you own a Breville Barista Express, then you must have faced some problems with your machine. One of the problems is that the filter size lights are flashing, and you don’t know how to fix this. But don’t worry, we have provided the solution to this problem in our article above. 

I hope this article helps you solve the issue of filter-size lights.

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