Can Nespresso just make hot water?

Nespresso has established its name in the espresso industry, and if you own a Nespresso coffee machine, then you must be aware of its convenience and good build quality. People prefer Nespresso coffee machines to other brands because of their good taste and the richness of their coffee.

Although Nespresso coffee makers can make all types of coffee very well, sometimes many of you have questions about whether you can use Nespresso for just hot water, and the answer is yes. You can use your Nespresso hot water for tea or do any other stuff.

These machines are designed for coffee only, and they make good coffee. You can also make hot water from Nespresso machines, but the process of making the hot water varies from model to model. So let’s get into it and find out How to get just hot water from Nespresso Vertuo

The function of the Nespresso vertuoline is a little different from the original line machine. The process of brewing coffee in the Nespresso vertuoline is different if compared to the Nespresso original lines.

It’s a little hard to get hot water from these machines because of their barcode system. Yes, these machines have a barcode system in the capsule to recognize how much water will be dispensed from the tank to brew the coffee. So, with the capsule, you’ll not be able to get the hot water, and without the capsule, the machine will show an error.

But you can still get hot water from the Nespresso vertuoline by doing something else, which is running the cleaning cycle. If you cleaned your machine earlier, then you must be aware that it makes hot water even without the capsule. Before knowing the process of getting hot water, you must run a cleaning cycle on your machine. Sometimes the lid of your Nespresso machine won’t open, so you have to fix it before getting into the process.

Although the process is a little longer, as a result, you’ll get hot water.

So, let’s get into the process of getting hot water from your Nespresso Vertuo, This method will also work on Vertuo Next, Vertuo Plus, and Evoluo

  1. Before starting the process, fill the water tank with drinking water
  2. However, you are not making the coffee, so remove the capsule from the machine.
  3. Now place any container under the machine dispenser area to collect the hot water.
  4. Turn the machine on.
  5. To start the brewing process, you need to press the brewing button three times for about two seconds.
  6. If the light indicates it, it means the process has started, and you can stop the brewing by pressing the button after getting the required amount of hot water

In the first brewing, the water must have some coffee ground in it, so in that case, you can do the process again to get clean water. At first, some coffee grounds remain in the coffee machine that comes with the water. 

That is why it is recommended to run a cleaning cycle before getting into the process of dispensing hot water from your Nespresso coffee makers.

The original line machines of Nespresso are the most commonly used because of their simplicity, nature, and convenience. These machines are known for their perfect brewing nature with less time.

But the question is the same: can you get just hot water from a Nespresso original lines machine? So, the answer is definitely yes.

These machines are really good to get hot water from because it’s a very easy process. For all the models in the original lines, including the Lattissima Pro, Gran Lattissima, CitiZ, Essenza Mini, Pixie, Creatista Pro, and Lattissima One, the process will be the same.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting hot water from your Nespresso original line machines.

First of all, make sure that your machine is descaled after 300 brewing cycles; if it’s not, then there is a high chance that the hot water that you will dispense now will have some coffee remaining in it. So it’s recommended to descale the machine before running the process of getting hot water from your Nespresso machine.

  • Before starting the process, fill the water tank with drinking water
  • After filling the water tank, open the machine lever
  • Make sure to remove the capsule because you are not making the coffee.
  • Now press the Lungo button to start the brewing process, and remember to put any container under the dispenser to collect the hot water.

If you find any coffee residue or brown water, it means you have not descaled your machine before, and all the coffee that remains comes during the process.

The smell of Nespresso coffee floating through the air is amazing. However, that magic fades when your coffee cools too quickly. Let’s look at some practical ways to keep that Nespresso hotter for a longer time.

Here are some ways to keep your Nespresso Coffee hotter for a longer time

  • Consider covering your coffee cup with thermal covers or wraps for further heating. This will make your coffee remain hotter for a long time.
  • Using insulated coffee cups may make a significant impact. These mugs are made to retain heat, keeping your Nespresso coffee warm for a long time. For the best insulation, use high-quality products.
  • Preheat both your Nespresso machine and your mug just before brewing. This easy procedure prepares the equipment for temperature retention, resulting in a hotter cup of coffee.

So, finally, we have answered the question: Can you use Nespresso for just hot water? And if you have read this article, you must know the answer. So basically, the answer is a big yes.

But it’s not that simple to get hot water from Nespresso coffee makers. You have to go through a cleaning cycle to get hot water.

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