How To Program Keurig K-Duo (All Settings)

If you are the owner of a Keurig K-Duo and you have recently bought it, it means you know its specifications, which are admirable because the machine is really useful, and to make it more reliable and useful, you need to program it properly. 

You don’t need to worry about this; in this article, we’ll guide you through the process on how to program Keurig K-Duo. 

How To Set Time On Keurig K-Duo

How To Program Keurig K-Duo, How To Set Time On Keurig K-Duo

To ensure that your Keurig K-Duo is ready to brew your perfect cup of coffee when you want it, it’s important to set the timing on your machine accurately. Follow the simple steps below to easily set the time on your Keurig K-Duo.

  1. Starting the time-setting mode: Pressing and protecting the “H” button for about 4 to five seconds is needed to start the time-setting mode. When you do that, the machine will understand that you need to change the time settings, with the purpose of allowing the clock to start flashing on the screen.
  1. Set the Hour: Once you enter the setting mode, press the ‘H’ (hours) button until you see the correct hour for the current time. For example, if it is now 6:45 PM, you need to press the ‘H’ button repeatedly until 6 appears on the display.
  1. Set the Minutes: After you have set the hour, you have to set the minute now by pressing the M “minutes” button. The first time you push it, the minute counter returns to zero. You may then increase the minutes by pressing it again. In our case, you would push it until it displayed 45.
  1. Finishing up the settings: Once you have adjusted the time, you will be required to press the K button that is conveniently situated in the center of the machine. This action will effectively save the adjusted time settings.
  1. AM and PM time settings: It is important to note that the Keurig K-Duo Plus has the ability to distinguish between AM and PM. To switch between these two times, you just need to go back to the ‘H’ button and move forward several hours until you reach the PM section.

Once you follow these instructions, you will successfully program the timer on your Keurig K-Duo coffee maker.

If you observe that the time doesn’t appear as intended, it might be an error code. I’ve put up a full guide on how to handle similar error codes on a Keurig coffee machine here.

How To Set Auto Brew

Autobrew is the best feature that comes with the K-Duo, which allows your coffee maker to make the coffee at a chosen time. It will start brewing automatically at the selected time. So, make sure that the time on your Keurig is showing correctly in order to get the coffee at the right time.

Here’s how you activate the auto-brew feature:

  1. Fill the water to the maximum level and place the paper filter with the coffee grounds.
  2. Select the auto option. Using the H/M keys, set the time for auto brewing. Click the flashing BREW button to confirm the time.
  3. Then, choose the brew size. Confirm your choice by pushing the flashing BREW button one more time.

You have now successfully activated your Autobrew. A clock sign will appear on the display. and the AUTO button glows to signify that Auto Brew is activated.

While the autobrew feature is activated, only the single-cup feature is available to use. To deactivate the Autobrew function, press the AUTO button one more time. The clock icon will be removed from the screen.

Keep in mind to empty your coffee pot before the scheduled brewing time, as the coffee maker will immediately begin brewing. The machine also has a warming plate that keeps your coffee warm after it has been brewed.

How to Change the Temperature On A Keurig K-Duo

There is no temperature setting feature in the Keurig K-Duo. It has been adjusted to the perfect temperature to make your coffee taste delicious. The coffee it produces can range in temperature from 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit, whether you’re going to make a 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-oz cup.

Fortunately, there are certain actions that you may consider to impact the temperature of your Keurig coffee. If you prefer your coffee cooler, switch your Duo to the high-altitude option.

Here is a list of things you might attempt to make your K-duo warmer:

  1. Preheat your coffee mugs.
  2. Pour boiling water over your freshly prepared coffee.
  3. Warm up the Keurig coffee machine.
  4. When making cappuccinos, use a milk frother.
  5. Descale your coffee maker regularly.

I provided more in-depth, detailed instructions on how to make the Keurig coffee warmer

How To Set High Altitude Settings

So as we mentioned above, there is no setting for the temperature, but there is a high-altitude mode in your coffee maker that makes the coffee cooler. So, if you’ve noticed that your coffee has been getting colder recently, it’s possible that you mistakenly adjusted it to this setting. Alternatively, if you prefer your coffee cooler, select this option.

Keurig K-Duo and K-Duo Plus offer a high-altitude option designed for customers who live over 5,000 feet. If you don’t reside over 5,000 feet, make sure this setting is turned off; only use it if you prefer colder coffee.

There is no high-altitude setting on the Keurig K-Duo Essentials.

Here’s how you adjust the high altitude settings on the Keurig K-Duo Plus:

  1. Check that there is enough water in the tank and that the “add water” indicator is turned off.
  2. Turn the K-Duo Plus off.
  3. Hold down the eight-ounce and strong brew buttons for three seconds.
  4. When the mountain icon displays on the screen, it indicates that the high altitude mode is active.
  5. If you wish to switch off the high altitude mode again, repeat the process.

Here’s how you adjust the high altitude setting on the Keurig K-Duo:

  1. Check that there is enough water in the tank and that the “add water” indicator is turned off.
  2. Turn on the K-Duo.
  3. Hold down the carafe and cup buttons at the same time.
  4. When the mountain icon displays on the screen, it indicates that the high altitude mode is active.
  5. If you wish to switch off the high altitude mode again, repeat the process.

Because of the altitude, K-Cups might become inflated while brewing in high altitude mode. To avoid this, Keurig recommends that customers pierce the bottom of the K-Cup before closing the lid.

You can do this by pressing the K-Cup on the machine’s bottom needle until you hear a sound like a pop, then shutting the lid, piercing the top of the K-Cup.

Final Words

We have covered everything in this article that will make your coffee maker work smarter, and you will also save most of your time by activating the Autobrew feature. 

All the settings mentioned in the article are very easy to execute, all you need to do is follow all the steps correctly in order to unleash the full power of your Keurig K-Duo.

If you are having problems with the settings or any other part of your Keurig K-Duo, I’ve written a comprehensive solution guide for Keurig K-Duo. Please feel free to use it as a guide.

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