Keurig Add Water Light Stays On And Not Working

Keurig coffee makers are loved by many people because the machine is very convenient and provides an easy and quick way to get your coffee, but like other appliances, this machine can also give you some issues over time.

One of the most common issues is that the Keurig Add Water light stays on, but the water reservoir is not empty; there is enough water. Still, the Add Water lights are on, so what could be the possible reason for this problem? We’ll discuss that in the article.

Understanding the Keurig “Add Water” Light

First, you need to know what the Keurig add water light indicates. So basically, when the water level in the reservoir of your Keurig machine is too low for brewing coffee.

This feature is good and is designed to prevent the machine from working in the absence of sufficient water.

which could damage the internal components of the machine. When the “Add Water” lights stay on, that means the machine is not getting enough water to start the brewing process.

The Floater is Stuck in Your Keurig Water Reservoir

Sometimes the floater might get stuck or jammed in the water reservoir due to its location or a small mismatch which can cause the Keurig Add Water light stays on. To dislodge it, hold the water reservoir safely with your hands and carefully shake it until the floater comes loose.

Be gentle and do not shake it vigorously, as it could damage the floater or other components.

Examine the inside of the water reservoir for any debris or hurdles around the floater. Dirt and coffee grounds might be collected over time, causing the floater to become stuck.

If you find any dust, clean the water reservoir. Make sure the floater is free to move around without hindrance.

Air is Stuck in the Overflow Tube.

The overflow tube is a smaller tube that is connected to the water reservoir of the coffee maker. It contributes to water management by directing excess water away from the brewing process. Whenever air gets stuck in an overflow tube, it leads to inconsistent brewing or other problems like Keurig Add Water light stays on. To remove the air from the overflow tube, follow these steps:- 

  • Turn off your coffee maker and disconnect it from the power source before beginning any troubleshooting. Then remove the water reservoir.
  • Check for air bubbles in the overflow tube. Air bubbles are typically more visible at the top of the tube. If you find any, they might be the source of the problem.
  • Gently tilt the coffee maker back and forth to remove the trapped air. You may also tap the machine’s sides to encourage air bubbles to rise to the top of the overflow tube.
  • Fill the water reservoir with water and run a water-only brewing process. This will help to flush out any remaining bubbles in the system.
  • If the problem persists, repeat the tilting, tapping, and water cycle process until the air bubbles in the overflow tube are no longer trapped.
  • The problem should be fixed now if you have followed the process.

Descaling Your Coffee Maker

Descaling your Keurig machine is necessary maintenance work because it helps in the removal of mineral deposits and scale retention within the machine. Water minerals can collect and block internal components over time, resulting in the Keurig Add Water light stays on. To effectively descale your Keurig machine, follow these steps:

1. You need to Purchase a commercial descaling solution that is specifically designed for coffee machines. For any reason, if you cannot buy the solution, you can make it by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water.

2. Turn off your machine and unplug it from the power socket for safety reasons. After that, remove the water reservoir from the machine and empty it if any remaining water is there.

3. Now mix the descaling solution according to the package directions. But if using vinegar, remember to dilute it with an equal amount of water. Fill the reservoir with the solution.

4. Place a large cup or container on the drip tray to catch the descaling solution.

5. Reinstall the water reservoir in the machine. Turn on the machine and start the brewing process without inserting the K-cup. Select the biggest cup size for the brew to pass through the machine.

6. Run multiple brewing processes to pass the descaling solution through the machine. The mineral deposits and scale accumulation will be dissolved. Continue brewing until the water reservoir is completely drained. Remove the liquid from the mug.

7. After the descaling process, turn the machine off and leave it for 30 minutes. This permits the descaling solution to act on any leftover deposits.

8. Now fill the water reservoir with clean, fresh water and run the brewing process multiple times with only water to rinse off any residual descaling solution from the internal components.

9. You can clean all the removal parts until the machine is rinsing, such as the water reservoir, drip tray, and K-cup holder, with warm water.

10. After properly rinsing the machine, perform several brewing cycles with simple water to ensure that all traces of the descaling solution are removed.

11. Finally, assemble all the removal parts properly, plug in your Keurig machine, and run a test brew with a K-cup to check if the water pressure problem has been fixed.

Final Words

Keurig coffee makers are an excellent addition to the kitchens of coffee lovers and also provide a quick and easy way to brew a cup of coffee. However, it may show some issues over time, like the Add Water light staying on, and it can be frustrating.

But by following the process that we have shared in the above article, you can solve the issue without going anywhere. 


Why is my Keurig “Add Water” light still on after I filled the reservoir?

There are a few possible reasons for this issue, including sensor blockage, air bubbles, or a faulty water level sensor. Try cleaning the reservoir and check for any blockages before contacting customer support.

Can I use my Keurig when the “Add Water” light is on?

It is not recommended to use the Keurig if the “Add Water” light is on, as this indicates that the water level is not sufficient for brewing. Using the machine under such conditions could damage it or affect the taste of your beverage.

Is the “Add Water” light issue covered under Keurig’s warranty?

The coverage of the “Add Water” light issue under warranty depends on the specific terms and conditions provided by Keurig. Check your warranty details or contact customer support to determine if the repair is covered.

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