Keurig Coffee Is Not Hot Enough (5 Methods To Make It Hotter)

If you are one who likes hotter coffee brewed with a kettle or an espresso machine, the coffee made with a kettle or an espresso machine is much hotter in comparison to Keurig coffee, and its coffee is a bit cooler. So we have some solutions to make Keurig coffee hotter.

If your Keurig coffee is not hot enough, then you must read the full article. I am fully sure that after reading this article, you will definitely make a hotter cup of coffee with your Keurig machine.

How To Make Keurig Coffee Hotter?

The first step is to warm your cup and add a dash of hot water to your coffee. If you want your coffee extra hot, then your coffee maker needs to be preheated and descaled.

Cappuccino drinkers should use a milk frother to warm the milk before using it in their cappuccino.

Preheat The Cups

The best thing you can do to make your coffee hotter is to preheat your coffee cup with hot water.

You don’t have to use a kettle to make hot water before inserting the K-cup into your Keurig to make coffee. The one thing you can do is pour hot water from the coffee maker into the cup, then give it an instant stir to warm it up.

After this, you can throw the water in the sink, place the K-cup in the Keurig coffee maker, and start making coffee.

This doesn’t apply to throwaway cups. Because a plastic or cardboard cup does not maintain heat as well as a ceramic or glass cup.

Fill your Keurig Coffee Maker with boiled water.

Another way to make your coffee hotter is to add some hot water to the coffee after you have made your coffee. 

Don’t add so much water that your coffee becomes delusional. Just a small amount should be added. You can add around 2 teaspoons of hot water, which will obviously reheat your coffee while still tasting delicious.

Preheat the Keurig Coffee Maker

One thing I have read somewhere is that you can preheat your Keurig coffee maker while running some water through it just before inserting the K-cup.

When you try to make a cup of coffee, turn your machine on and push the coffee button without inserting a K-cup.

Now the coffee maker and its tubes have been warmed. So as you brew a cup of coffee now, it’s a bit hotter.

Use a Milk Frother For Your Cappuccino.

Suppose you want to use separate milk to prepare a cappuccino instead of the cappuccino K-cup. The milk you use will then dramatically reduce the warmth of your Keurig coffee.

To tackle this issue, you can buy a milk frother that warms and froths milk. As a result, the milk foam will be heated and will not chill your Keurig coffee.

Descale Your Keurig Coffee Maker

If you have not descaled your Keurig coffee machine in quite a while, then the heating element might have some scale accumulation. This reduces its capacity to heat the water passing through it.

Believe me, it’s really easy to descale your Keurig Machine. But with some of the newest Keurig models, like the K-supreme or K-express, you need to put your machine in descale mode.

If You Have an Older Keurig Model

The older Keurig model may become stuck in a “high altitude” position. As a result, your Keurig will produce coffee that is approximately 6 degrees colder than usual.

You need to turn your Keurig coffee maker off in order to turn this mode off. Then, press and hold the 8oz and “strong” buttons together until the lights flash three times. Now the altitude mode will go off, and your machine will brew hotter coffee again. 

Keurig Coffee Is Cold

If the coffee from your Keurig is as cold as the water in the reservoir, the heating element in your coffee machine is most likely broken.

In that case, what you can do is just call Keurig customer service and they will definitely help you repair your machine or give you some tips on how to fix it.

Final Words

It’s really frustrating when your Keurig is not hot enough. But you don’t know how to make hot coffee from your Keurig coffee maker, which is not hot enough. So, don’t worry; we have shared some tips on how to make hot coffee with a Keurig coffee maker.

I hope this article helps you get a hot cup of coffee using your Keurig coffee maker.

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