Keurig Showing “Not Ready” Error, Know How To Fix It

Is your Keurig giving you some tension by showing a “Not Ready” message on its screen? Then you don’t need to worry about this issue because it can be fixed easily.

We will tell you the cause of this issue and the easy steps to fix this error. After doing all the steps your machine will work properly again.

The “Not Ready” message on your Keurig is irritating when you need a fresh cup of coffee but you suddenly see the error on the screen of your Keurig coffee maker. By this message, your machine is indicating to you that something is wrong with your coffee maker.

These are some main reasons why this error happens

  1. If the water reservoir of your machine isn’t properly aligned or filled then your machine will not start the brewing process.
  2. Your machine needs to be descaled, As time passes, calcium deposits may accumulate in your machine, impacting its performance.
  3. Sometimes dirt and coffee grounds can block the needles or affect the sensors which can also show the “Not Ready” error
  4. Sometimes the issue can be as simple as your machine not getting enough power to get started.

After knowing the reason for the “Not Ready” error you can start the troubleshooting on your own.

Here are some of the best and tested solutions to this issue that will help you get your Keurig coffee maker to start brewing again.

Power cycling your Keurig coffee maker is a simple troubleshooting step but it works great on any electronic devices

This process will reset Keurig’s internal system. Here is how you can do it step by step.

  1. Turn off the machine and take it out of the power.
  2. Wait for approximately five minutes. This pause enables the machine to reset.
  3. Connect the machine to the power and switch it on.
  4. Now try to make a cup of coffee to see if the issue is resolved or not.

An empty or incorrectly positioned water reservoir can also cause the “Not Ready” message to appear.

  1. Take out the water reservoir and check the water level if it’s low fill it to the maximum level.
  2. Ensure that the water reservoir is properly seated in its place. A loosened water reservoir can stop the machine from getting water
  3. After reseating, turn on the Keurig to check if the issue continues.

Sometimes the “Not Ready” issue happens due to the handle not properly seated at its place and this issue can be resolved easily just by making the handle properly secured at its place. 

To start the brewing process you must place the handle of your Keurig coffee maker in the right place and make sure it’s securely closed. If the handle is not properly placed and closed, the machine may fail to detect whether or not a K-cup has been inserted. Also, it will not be able to puncture the cup properly, which may lead to the “Not Ready” error.

These are some steps to make it placed correctly:

  1. First, check if there is a used K-cup inside the machine, do it by opening the handle. If you find one, remove it and insert a new one if you want to brew a cup of coffee.
  2. Grip the handle tightly and apply pressure until you hear a distinct clicking sound, indicating that it is securely closed.
  3. After you close the handle, check your Keurig’s display, if you have done everything correctly then the “Not Ready” message must have disappeared 

Needles get clogged by coffee grounds that block the water flow which causes the “Not Ready” error

  1. For safety turn the machine off and unplug it from the power outlet
  2. Take the use of a paper clip to mildly clean out any coffee waste that is blocking the needles. Generally, Keurig machines have two needles, one is where the pod is inserted and another one is on the bottom of the lid.
  3. After cleaning, run a brewing cycle using only water to make sure that the needle is clean. 

Hard water may result in the accumulation of calcium deposits in your machine, leading to potential disruptions in its functionality. These deposits have the ability to interfere with the proper operation of your machine.

These are the steps to descale your machine:

1. Prepare Your Materials

  1. Take the Keurig descaling solution or white vinegar.
  2. A large mug to collect the dispensed liquid
  3. Fresh water is required for the descaling mixture and rinsing cycles

2. Preparation Steps

Take out the water reservoir from the Keurig coffee maker, and also remove the water filter.

Put the one-third quantity of the descaling solution in the water reservoir and fill the rest of the tank with fresh water to the maximum level.

3. Begin Descaling

To begin, set your mug on the drip tray, raise the handle of the coffee maker, choose the biggest cup size, and then push the Brew button to initiate the brewing process.

After the one-cycle, empty what the mug’s contains. After completing the initial cycle, allow the Brew Indicator Light to stabilize before proceeding with the second cycle. Once stable, turn off the machine and let it sit for 30 minutes before starting again.

4. Rinse the Machine

After the wait, press the brew button to remove the rest of the descaling solution and then discard.

Repeat the process three times by running three cycles using 12 ounces of fresh water each time, and make sure to discard the water after each cycle to eliminate any remaining descaling solution. This will make sure that all of the cleaning liquid is completely gone.

5. Final Steps

Let your Keurig coffee maker cool down

Completely clean the water reservoir of the Keurig and fill it with fresh water.

To ensure all traces of the descaling solution are completely removed, it is recommended to perform a total of twelve rinsing brews using the largest cup setting. This will help thoroughly cleanse the brewing system and ensure it is free from any residual descaling solution.

Put the water reservoir and water filter back in its place.

Plug the machine into the power outlet and the machine is ready to use.

Time taken in the process: 45 minutes

Note: Before using distilled white vinegar, it is recommended to dilute it with an equal amount of water. For detailed guidance on how to perform this task, refer to the user manual provided with your Keurig machine.

Sometimes physical damage can also cause these irritating issues. To check them you can do these simple steps:

  1. Before using the machine, be sure to carefully examine the power cord, plug, and the actual machine for any noticeable indications of harm or wear.
  2. If you see any damage on the machine then it is best to contact Keurig customer support for repair and replacement. If you attempt to fix it yourself it could cancel the warranties

Certain models of Keurig machines have a reset feature that allows users to restore the machine to its original settings. This function can be helpful for troubleshooting or if the user wants to start fresh with their machine.

To reset your Keurig you can do this”

  1. Check your Keurig’s manual to see whether your model has a reset function or not, if it has then follow the instructions provided in the manual
  2. Usually, this process entails pressing and holding specific buttons for a brief period of time.
  3. Once you have reset, attempt to make a cup of coffee to see if the issue is resolved.

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and the issue is not resolved and your machine is still showing a “Not Ready” message then it is time to contact Keurig customer support. They will guide you better for the repair or replacement. 

The “Not Ready” message is not a big issue but it can disrupt your coffee routine. You can solve it on your own by just doing some simple troubleshooting steps that we have described above.

Remember regular maintenance is necessary for your Keurig to work error-free and regular maintenance includes descaling and cleaning which is a must.  

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