Keurig Shutting Off While Brewing or Descaling

Coffee is such a relaxing drink, you can have it anywhere, anytime, but some people love to make their coffee at home with a coffee maker, Some of you may own a Keurig coffee maker, So If your Keurig shutting off while brewing or descaling. Then don’t worry about this, in this article, we will help you to solve this problem.

How to Fix a Keurig Shutting Off While Brewing or Descaling

We will discuss 8 things you can do to fix the issue of shutting off your Keurig while brewing or descaling

  • Manually rupture the K-Cup to relieve internal pressure
  • Remove any remaining water from the machine
  • Remove the floater from the water reservoir
  • Reset the thermostat
  • Tap the pump to remove any debris or clogs.
  • Perform descaling to remove mineral buildup
  • Hold the brew button down to force descaling on older models.
  • If none of the previous solutions worked, contact Keurig customer support.

Manually rupture the K-Cup

Before inserting the K-Cup into the machine, with your hand, push it down until the bottom needle punctures the cup.

Then, raise the cup, spin it 90 degrees, and close the lid. This will result in the formation of two holes in the K-Cup, lowering the pressure within. Check the machine and determine if this resolves the issue.

This method is beneficial for milk-based K-cups. However, it may also work with regular K-cups.

Remove any remaining water from the machine

If the water reservoir of your machine is removable, then remove it and place your finger on the reservoir’s water suction port.

Flip the machine over, while keeping your finger on the suction port. Now spin it back and forth to eliminate any extra water trapped inside.

Replace the water reservoir, reconnect the machine, and test it with a fresh pod.

Floater Stuck In Water Reservoir

The floater in the water tank that gets stuck is one probable cause of your Keurig unexpectedly stopping brewing or experiencing problems during descaling. A floater indicates the water level in your coffee maker.

Usually, when this happens, the “add water” light does not turn off as well.

Scale buildup is one of the reasons why this problem arises, or you haven’t used your coffee maker for a long time.

To fix this issue, you need to remove the water tank from the machine and give it a little shake until the floater falls free. You can clean the water tank and floater with vinegar.

After cleaning it, fill the reservoir with clean water and check if it’s working or not 

Reset the thermostat

In some of the coffee makers, this problem arises due to the thermostat, it consists of a tiny white circle with wires connected, you can possibly reset it by tapping it with a paperclip or needle. To access the thermostat on your Keurig, you must remove the cover. We have written a full article on how you can reset the thermostat on your Keurig.

If resetting the thermostat does not address the problem, go to the next step.

Tap the pump 

The pump is most likely responsible for this issue because when there is any pressure or blockage in the path, the pump will detect it and turn off the machine. Find the pump, which is often a tiny spherical component with tubes attached to it. It is normally seen on the machine’s upper side.

Tap the pump a few times with a screwdriver or other appropriate tool. This can assist in dislodging any buildup or obstruction that may be causing the problem.

After all this, turn your machine on, choose your preferred size, and hit the brew button. If the machine properly starts brewing without being turned off, it means the problem is fixed.

Perform descaling to remove mineral buildup

If your Keurig coffee maker keeps shutting down when brewing or descaling, it might be an indication that it’s time for extensive cleaning.

Mineral accumulation within the machine might impair performance and cause the machine to shut down while in use. Descaling is a very important process to make your machine work properly and produce consistently delicious coffee. 

For each newer Keurig model, we have created a descaling guide:

It’s really advisable that you descale your Keurig coffee maker every 3–4 months, depending on the mineral content of your local water and how often you use your Keurig.

When I press the Brew Button on the older Keurig, it shuts off.

If you have older Keurig models, such as K-Select, K-Elite, 2.0, or K-Classic. Your Keurig may turn off immediately after you hit the button. So you can’t even properly descale it. There is an easy solution to putting it on descale.

Step 1: Make the cleaning solution and fill the reservoir.

You need to make a mixture of vinegar and water in order to clean the coffee maker. This mixture will be helpful in removing any debris or blockages within the machine that may be causing the issue.

Fill Keurig’s water reservoir with the water and vinegar mixture. Make sure it’s full enough to allow the cleaning procedure to operate smoothly.

Step 2: Begin the Brewing Process

On your Keurig, press the brew button. If the machine stops, press and hold the button until it begins brewing again. This allows the machine to pump the mixture through the machine.

Step 3: Repeat the Procedure

Hold the brew button down until all of the cleaning solution has been pushed through the machine. This step may need to be repeated numerous times to ensure that all internal components are fully cleaned.

Step 4: Examine the Machine’s Functionality

Before you start brewing the coffee, to test if the machine operates on its own, push the brew button. If it still turns off, keep holding the button down while brewing your coffee.

Step 5: Track Progress Over Time

It may take many cleaning attempts for Keurig to start operating regularly on its own. Continue to use this procedure until the machine no longer requires you to hold the brew button.

Step 6: Maintain the Machine

You should clean your machine regularly with vinegar and water in order to prevent further issues. This will also help to remove any blockages or buildup from the machine and ensure that it works properly. If the issue remains or happens regularly, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model.

The Last Thing You Could Try

If the problem remains and none of the above solutions work for you, then the best thing to do is to contact Keurig customer service. They will typically assist you in troubleshooting your Keurig coffee maker.

If your machine will not be able to be repaired, then they might suggest buying a new one, and you will get some discounts as well.

Final Words

To resolve the issue of your Keurig shutting off while brewing or descaling, there are several options available.

This involves manually rupturing the K-Cup, removing any remaining water from the machine, removing the floater from the water reservoir, resetting the thermostat, and tapping the pump to remove any debris or clogs.

Descaling your machine is really crucial in order to make it work smoothly. The older models of Keurig coffeemakers required forced descaling with the help of a mixture of water and vinegar.

If you want to avoid all these issues with your Keurig, then regular maintenance is necessary.

I hope this article helped you solve the problem of your Keurig shutting off while brewing or descaling.

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