Why Does Starbucks Ice Not Melt?

Starbucks has established its name in the coffee industry, and no brand can match the taste that Starbucks offers. If you drink Starbucks coffee regularly, then have you ever noticed that Starbucks ice seems to challenge the laws of physics? It is a very common observation among the coffee drinkers at Starbucks that its ice does not melt as fast as regular ice.

So, in this article, we’ll find out the science behind Starbucks ice that keeps it long-lasting. You’ll be surprised to know the facts behind Starbucks ice.

As I said above, you’ll be surprised to know the reason why doesn’t Starbuck’s ice melt? Is it because the ice you see in Starbucks coffees is not regular ice, that is made of water, Starbucks ice is made by the coffee itself because of its slow-melting nature as compared to normal ice.

The ice made up of water can melt very fast, but when the ice is made of coffee, it will take time to melt because of its dense nature. Starbucks uses these coffee ice cubes to make cold coffee thick. Coffee ice cubes can retain the flavor and make it more tasty.

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When you drink these types of cold coffee from Starbucks, you don’t have to worry about drinking as before the ice melted because coffee ice melts slowly, unlike normal ice, and you can enjoy your coffee for a long time. 

Not everyone likes these cold coffees because of their bitter taste, as they have coffee ice, which makes them stronger. 

When the Starbucks ice melts in your coffee, the amount of caffeine increases due to the ice that is made of coffee itself. If you don’t like more caffeine or the bitter taste of your coffee, then you can order coffee with fewer ice cubes.

No, it’s not like that Actually, Starbucks only puts the right amount of ice in their coffee according to the needs of the customers. You can also ask for more ice or fewer as per your requirement.

A few years back, a customer filed a case against the company and claimed that the company was putting a very large amount of ice in their cold coffees. The customer aslo said that Starbucks underfilled its coffee. 

In the court, the customer said that Starbucks cups have a line on them to determine how much drink they have to serve and the rest part of the cup is filled with ice cubes

The customer pointed out that the quantity of iced coffee paid for doesn’t match the actual amount received, attributing it to Starbucks allegedly adding excessive ice. As per the legal claim, a Venti-sized drink, which should ideally consist of approximately 24 ounces of the beverage, reportedly contains only 14 ounces, with the remainder being ice.

After the legal case, some customers checked if Starbucks gives less drink and too much ice. They visited different Starbucks and measured iced coffee. Most people found that Starbucks usually puts a fair amount of drink and not too much ice in cold drinks.

The legal case against Starbucks was dropped, and a judge ruled that Starbucks can add as much ice as they want to cold drinks. If you’re not happy with the amount of ice in your cold drink, you can ask the barista for less ice. Some customers actually like more ice in their drinks.

While Starbucks isn’t the pioneer in using coffee ice cubes, it prioritizes quality. Some other coffee shops might reuse leftover coffee to make ice cubes for new drinks. While coffee doesn’t spoil quickly, the issue arises if these cubes have been stored for an extended period.

As per a specific barista, Starbucks ensures the safety of its coffee ice cubes by not freezing old coffee to make them. The high-quality ice cubes at Starbucks are pre-made and well-packaged before being received by the company. Baristas then break them into smaller pieces and store them in a tub for use.

Whenever customers request iced drinks, Starbucks baristas retrieve coffee ice cubes from the fridge. Many customers who have tried Starbucks ice cubes report that they enhance the drink’s flavor and provide a smooth experience. Since Starbucks adopted coffee ice cubes, there have been no customer complaints about safety.

If you’re still concerned about the safety of Starbucks ice cubes, you can make them yourself. The company even provides do-it-yourself instructions for creating coffee ice cubes at home. Simply use fresh coffee, freeze it for at least four hours, and you’ll have your homemade coffee ice cubes.

Starbucks has implemented the use of coffee ice cubes in over 100 stores across various locations. Incorporating coffee ice cubes in cold beverages helps prevent them from quickly melting and becoming watery. Contrary to some customer beliefs, Starbucks does not excessively add ice to its cold drinks.

If you wish to enjoy Starbucks’ coffee ice cubes, be ready to pay an additional 80 cents. Despite the extra cost, many customers prefer the enhanced experience compared to cold drinks with regular ice cubes.

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